I decided since last year that I was going to work with the Boss lady of Brand Strategy and in our first session I gained so much clarity and banished the idea of being less than all I can be. Our session wasn’t just business. I’ll call it a Life Coaching/Business Strategy Session. I reconsidered some of the decisions I had planned to take and saved money too. This is just less than 2 weeks into our 3 months coaching session. I’m so very excited. My brain has literally reset

Dr. Agility Obi

Medical Doctor & Hair Loss Consultant

I walked into the office of this amazing woman for a strategic session knowing I needed to push my business forward and Lord have mercy! The session was far beyond what I reached for…sometimes you just have to risk everything for a dream no one can see but you. Be selective of who you allow speak into your life. Clarity was what I got from my session with Ijeoma Ndukwe…it was an amazing 6hr session

Chiazo Egbe

MD/CEO, Nandy’s Munchies

I knew I needed the course because I was stuck in a rot for a very long time. I did not know how to move ahead. It was difficult. Everything was a fog. I think that sometimes people do not realize, you have to learn how to start a business, how to plan it, how to run it. You have to hear other stories. The Business Starter course was a real eye opener. It made everything clear. I began to really see the difference between working hard and working smart. In explaining things, you did not make the assumptions that the course participants understood some aspects of starting a business. You EXPLAINED how to even come up with an idea…in a practical & simple way

Mrs D.A


I already knew what business structure is and heard of putting it in place but seeing how you documented every detail shown to us was great. The course helped me as the business owner write the structure and process in script. The questions included in each lesson also helped as a guide. I appreciate you for a job well done!.