The Most Amazing Course

You will learn so much that your head will spin. Really, I mean it.

Brand Positioning

Learn how to intentionally build your business for faster growth while living the life of your dreams by the clarity of your business vision and the right positioning to your targeted audience.

The Secret to Building a Sustainable Business

Understand how your personal core values, passion and purpose play an important role in growing your business into a sustainable brand without leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed.

Meet Your Teacher

I want you to learn cool stuff, and if you let me, I will teach you so much cool stuff about growing a business that your head will spin.

I am the Chief Brand Strategist at Bubez Centre. I teach Budding and Existing Entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses from an Idea into a Sustainable Brand.

I’m on a Mission to Inspire Female Entrepreneurs to break off limitations and believe more in themselves while helping them change their Money Mindsets.

I was listed by Leading Ladies Africa as one of Nigeria’s 100 most Inspiring Women in 2017. I can’t wait for you to enrol in any of the courses. There’s so much you’re going to be learning.

Your Brand Strategist

Ijeoma Ndukwe

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