About Bubez Centre

Against the backdrop of the increasing economic imbalance in the world it has become imperative for women, alongside the men, to be empowered with information and skills to enable them face the challenges and promote socio-economic development in the society..

The Bubez Centre for Business Development was established in 2008 by Ijeoma Ndukwe, the lead Brand Strategist, to help reduce poverty and mediocrity, thus, fostering sustainable development in Nigeria.

Bubez Centre for Business Development remains committed to improving individual and communal lives through workshops and projects that nurture people’s inherent abilities, pushing them beyond their perceived boundaries and consequently, helping create economic value in their lives.

With the introduction and growth of Bubez Foods Ltd which Ijeoma Ndukwe began in her home with N200 (50c) in 2012 but presently records 9 figures in Investments, there has been more demand to extend her entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and mentorship to women looking to walk down the business path, especially in the midst of economic and employment challenges. To meet this need, Bubez Centre has launched Online Business Education and Coaching Programs which boasts of students world over.

With a rooted passion for women development and empowerment, Bubez Centre has hosted three successful motivational and inspirational events to help people overcome limiting beliefs and strive to live their best lives.  has also launched an Online Business Education Programs which boasts of students world over.

At Bubez Centre…we help you stand out!!!


Feedback & Reviews

“I walked into the office of this amazing woman for a strategic session knowing I needed to push my business forward and Lord have mercy! The session was far beyond what I reached for…sometimes you just have to risk everything for a dream no one can see but you. Be selective of who you allow speak into your life. Clarity was what I got from my session with Ijeoma Ndukwe…it was an amazing 6hr session.  “

Chiazo Egbe

MD/CEO, Nandy’s Munchies

” I decided since last year that I was going to work with the Boss lady of Brand Strategy and in our first Session I gained so much clarity and banished the idea of being less than all I can be. Our session wasn’t just business I’ll call it a Life Coaching/Business Strategy Session. I reconsidered some of the decisions I had planned to take and saved money too. This is just less than 2 weeks into our 3 months coaching session. I’m so very excited. My brain has literally reset….  “

Dr. Agility Obi

Medical Doctor & Hair Loss Consultant

” ’I already knew what business structure is and heard of putting it in place but seeing how you documented every detail shown to us was great. The course helped me as the business owner write the structure and process in script. The questions included in each lesson also helped as a guide. I appreciate you for a job well done!.  “


Let us help you build a sustainable and scalable business