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Academic Empowerment

Girl Child Literacy Program (GCLP)
  • Scholarship schemes at tertiary levels of education

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WISE (Women Interested in Successful Entrepreneurship)
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“ I knew I needed the course because I was stuck in a rot for a very long time. I did not know how to move ahead. It was difficult. Everything was a fog. I think that sometimes people do not realize, you have to learn how to start a business, how to plan it, how to run it. You have to hear other stories. The Business Starter course was a real eye opener. It made everything clear. I began to really see the difference between working hard and working smart. In explaining things, you did not make the assumptions that the course participants understood some aspects of starting a business. You EXPLAINED how to even come up with an idea…in a practical & simple way. ”

Mrs D.A

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Ijeoma Ndukwe

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