• Academic Empowerment

    GCLP (Girl Child Literacy Program)
    - Scholarship schemes at tertiary levels of education.

  • Capacity Building

    - Specialized Seminars & Trainings with consultancy in different areas.

  • Economic Empowerment

    WISE (Women Interested in Successful Entrepreneurship)
    - Business Grants and Loans
    - Specialised Trainings

About us

Against the backdrop of the increasing economic imbalance in the world it has become imperative for women, alongside the men, to be empowered with information and skills to enable them face the challenges and promote socio-economic development in the society.

  • The BUBEZ CENTRE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT was established in 2008 by Ijeoma Ndukwe to help reduce poverty and mediocrity, thus, fostering sustainable development in Nigeria.

    In conjunction with local and international partner organisations, BUBEZ CENTRE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT remains committed to improving individual and communal lives through workshops and projects that nurture people’s inherent abilities, pushing them beyond their perceived boundaries and consequently, helping create economic value in their lives.

    With a rooted passion for women development and empowerment, Ijeoma Ndukwe through Bubez Centre has hosted two successful events in 2008 and 2015 respectively and has also launched an Online Business School which boasts of students world over.

    However, with the introduction and growth of Bubez Foods Ltd which Ijeoma Ndukwe began in her home with N200 (50c) in 2012 but presently records 9 figures in Investments and 7 figures in Sales, a 343% increase in sales since opening its factory in June 2015 and a growing network of sales across 14 States in Nigeria with demand from outside the country, there has been more demand to extend her entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and mentorship to women looking to walk down the business path, especially in the midst of economic and employment challenges.

Our Vision

  • To Inspire and teach women to achieve excellence in their chosen endeavors.

Our Mission

  • To reduce the level of poverty among women folks one woman at a time.

  • To Enhance productivity and collaboration amongst women owned businesses.

  • To raise the level of women professionals in every field of endeavour.

  • To inspire women from all works of life to be their best.