“…people work for meaning more than they work for money”

From the response and comments I received on Part 1 of this topic, I was compelled to do a follow up immediately to align your train of thought. Successful people work with a sense of urgency.


Beyond writing down your organisation’s core values because other organisations do, you have to ask yourself if these values are a reflection of you and your true person.

Never forget your business is in you.

Your organisational values form the basis of your organisational culture and brand commitment. If you don’t understand your personal core values, how do you communicate it to other people within the organisation and even your customers/clients? You may claim to know your core values, but have you tried arranging them in order of priority, so that you are focused on that which is most important to you? Are you able to explain in clear terms, your values and organisational values in such a way that a 3rd party would understand what you really mean? We know that different values  mean different things to different people, depending on a person’s experience or upbringing, you have to clearly define & describe what these values mean to you and your organisation.

Values become more powerful when you take the time to define what you mean by each word and illustrate it with an example. Bear in mind that people work for meaning more than they work for money. The most powerful set of values come from the heart of the founder/owner/partners first, and then cascades down through the organisation. Creating a clearer set of values allow for easier buy-in with your people.

Life and Business is an inseparable journey of meaningfulness (How you feel about yourself, your work and the impact you and your business have on others), of bringing your passion into the world with the financial rewards that follow.  This is why it is said, chase your passion and the money will follow.

Business is about solving a problem, meeting a need, making an impact and adding meaning to lives. If you are strictly in business for the return on investment (ROI), statistics, sales and returns, have a rethink; it may explain the exhaustion or overwhelming feeling you are laden with because goals and targets are not met. Knowing and aligning your values, passion and purpose is all about putting your life first.

In figuring this out, you will need to ask your some discovery questions which are designed to help you answer deeper questions about yourself and arrive at your purpose statement.

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  1. our core value is our Bizness and ourself…we are the image of our Bizness …example. ,little time I shared with Bubez is all hygiene…

  2. All i can say is thank you for this very insightful teaching…remain blessed sis

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