Business Development never ends. It is an on-going process of continuous improvement driven by the pursuit of excellence. How you think about your business may be the problem you are facing as an entrepreneur/business owner. A more effective and long term solution would be changing how you think about your business rather than dealing with the challenges you are facing in isolation. A critical link between your thinking and your vision is your value system.

Your value system is a set of beliefs, attitudes or points of view that form the basis for determining your choices and actions. Could it be that the lack of considering your value system in goal-setting and targets for your business and life is the missing link in achieving set goals?

Always remember your business is in you.

If you don’t know you, how can you know your business or better yet, run an effective business? Some of the common small business problems include but are not limited to: “I’m working too hard and the rewards are too few”, “My business drains me”, “How do I finance my business?” Etc. Most of these questions could be answered by gaining better insight into who you really are and answering the question, why you set up the business in the first instance. Answering some of these deep questions can release you from the exhaustion, frustration, resignation to status quo, anger, overwhelming feeling and every other negative emotion that commonly accompanies starting and growing a successful brand/business.

Never forget that everything you are doing should be giving you more life.

Your business is in you and as such, you are the most important person in the equation. The overwhelming feeling is a result of relating to something as if you are smaller than it is, that is, relating to something as though it’s bigger than you. Overwhelming feelings are actually the result of a distorted perception, a case of your business/life not being in alignment with the inner you, a disagreement between you and your business/life.


  • If you want to change what you have, you have to change what you do and if you want to change what you do, you have to change how you think.

Thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to results.


  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    Great article

  2. Wonderful post. This has made my morning. Thank you.

  3. WOW! This is full of valuable information, simple and straight to the point.I don’t run my own business but I got something to help me at my work place too: ” the work isn’t going to finish in one day, it’ll always be there so don’t overwhelm yourself”.

  4. Great article. Thank you Nwanyiakamu

  5. Spot on! Proud of you sis!

  6. Inspiring thoughts,really good

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